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TIPS at Trips End

At Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours, we pride ourselves on paying our support team enough so that they are not required to subsist on tips from the climbing group.

Many companies connivingly pad their pockets by paying their staff half of what they need, and then obligate climbers to tip on the final day. This obligation is often as much as 100% the staff’s day rate. We found this practice to be distasteful. Instead of asking our clients to make an uncomfortable scramble to pay our porters and guides fairly, we simply pay them double the standard rate. We feel that this is the cleanest way to keep everyone happy and limit surprises.

Of course, if you feel that a guide or a porter supported you in a manner that went above and beyond, tips are permitted and suggested to show your appreciation. We simply ask that you be discreet and pass out any tips in private to avoid drama amongst the porters and guides.

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